School fundraising chocolate might be getting axed

NZ 24/04/2017

A newly appointed Government nutrition advisor is calling for a ban on selling chocolate for school fundraisers, due to our skyrocketing child obesity levels. 

He's aiming to tackle child obesity, which he says is a serious issue threatening the health of young New Zealanders. 

"The first thing is what we teach our kids about food." 

He said the issue is not a single bar of chocolate here and there, but instead when the sellers end up taking all the unsold chocolate home to eat. 

"Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate as much as the next person, but when you end up with 60 bars in your home - that's not occasional," he said.

"Chocolate for fundraisers is not really cutting it as far as I'm concerned. That situation is not okay."

Prof Schofield knows his stance would face controversy and he's willing to take on the feedback from those that might disagree. 

"I want robust discussion - I'll be wrong on some things and I'm willing to change my mind," he said. 

Do you think banning fundraising chocolate in schools is a good idea?