Sharon from Married At First Sight is selling her wedding dress

goss 20/04/2017

When you're recently married and completely head over heels in love, the last thing you'd expect from the newly married bride would be for her to sell her dress, but for Sharon Marsh we guess it's not as sentimental for her.

The Married At First Sight star wore the designer gown during her ceremony to Nick Furphy and now the dress is on eBay, destine for sale in 8 days and however many hours.

Don't worry, they're still happily together which is why Sharon is trying to sell the dress.

On her listing on eBay, Sharon says that "50% of money from my dress goes to sick & disadvantaged kiddies." While the "Remaining 50% goes to my relocation costs to be with the man I LOVE. Shaz x."

The near new dress is hand-made with a strapless fishtail design that comes in at a whopping $6000, and was a fan favourite dress when Sharon and her twin sister Michelle went with identical dresses for their double wedding.

Currently doing long distance with Nick, the two would love to be closer together.

“Nick and Shaz are still going strong and are both committed to each other so it makes sense they are ready to set up home together,” says the friend.

“And it's not just a trial to see how things go, she is giving up her job and moving her entire life interstate for good.”

Good on you Sharon!