The cringe things people see at weddings revealed

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Weddings mark the beautiful day two lovers decided that they want to be in each others life forever. A day of self expression and a day where you are the two most important people in the room.

With that being the case, when you mix a bunch of random people into different wedding situations you just don't know if you're gonna get the best day of your life or a train wreck.

On a recent forum on Mumsnet, users revealed the cringiest things they have witnessed at weddings, and some of them are pretty embarrassing!

Plenty of comments came in about some cringe singing and dancing.

One said, "We were secretly sent the lyrics to the first dance and as a surprise we all had to stand up and sing it to the couple. My toes were curling."

Another added, "Highly-choreographed first dance done as a surprise by the bride and groom. They did four different dances to four different songs. Awful."

The bride and groom sang Endless Love to each other, badly.

And at this wedding the "Bride sang a solo to the groom. She was very, very bad. We all got the giggles and had to leave the room."

Of course the party antics were in full force too, with “A half strip by the bride and bridesmaids to the groom and groomsmen.”

At this wedding “The bride being grateful all his exes let him go so she got to marry him, that was part of her speech.”

Things got a bit catty when “An on the floor scrap over the bouquet. Two of the bridesmaids. Everyone else stood around awkwardly and baffled in their disbelief the two were seriously fighting over it.”

A contributor added that the “Father of the groom called the new bride by the ex-wife’s name.”

Went to another wedding where one of the first songs played featured the name of his ex-wife.

Despite all these cringe moments, one user still managed to nail a wedding on the head, saying “I don’t think anything’s cheesy at a wedding. It’s the one day the couple can be as shameless as they like.”