What happens when you leave your dog alone?

omg 24/04/2017

Few people who own dogs will tell you that they're happy to leave their dog at home alone while they go to work, but it's something that you have to do because work won't let us bring in our beloved pups.

You probably always wondered what your dog does at home alone during the day.

In recent research, scientists found that some dogs cope well with the separation, while others spend up to half an hour howling, barking and whining after their owner leaves them alone, which can last hours for some.

For those dogs who don't deal well with being left alone, scientists revealed to MailOnline how they react after their owner goes.

Alice Porter said that the first few minutes of separation can be the most stressful for a dog as they realise what's happened and they are isolated. Dogs can often show separation-related signs such as being destructive, normally target the door their owner left through, while also barking, defecating and urinating.

Dogs are most stressed right after you leave because they figure out what you do before you go. From reaching for the keys, dogs can become stressed.

The next few hours depend on the pup. Some can calm themselves down, while others become anxious and can spend hours pacing the house, whining and lonely.

Potter said it's almost impossible to tell if your dog is likely to be anxious when you leave the house.

They recommend trying to film your pet when you leave the house if you suspect that they get upset.

She added that there were a few things you could do to help your dog go through separation problems, saying "It's important not to punish your dog if he has gone to the toilet or being destructive whilst you are out as likely to make him feel more anxious about being left alone and can damage your relationship."

"Your dog will be more likely to relax when left alone if they’ve been fed and exercised beforehand."