Cafe invents avocado-latte fusion: Avolatte

omg 22/05/2017

A café in Australia's hipster capital has drawn the ire of some and admiration of others, after inventing what they've dubbed the 'avolatte'.

The creation, founded by the Truman Café, is essentially just black coffee and milk poured into the hollowed-out skin of an avocado - combining two of the average indie millennial's favourite things.

However it turns out the unconventional beverage was just an elaborate ruse - a Truman Café staff member revealing to Newshub the café doesn't even offer it on their menu, and that the Instagram post was intended to be a joke.

That's not how it's been seen by most though, with the creation of the avolatte mocked heavily online - and it seems the viral social media hit didn't translate into sales, with just one customer ordering it.

The café said they gave it to the brave patron for a smaller fee than a normal coffee, as a reward for his boldness in the face of unfamiliarity.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary posted about the new coffee sensation on Twitter on Sunday, stating it wouldn't consider adding the word 'avolatte' to its list of accepted terminology.

Others also expressed their disgust at the invention on Twitter, with complaints that coffee culture had gone too far.

Last year, another Melbourne café was widely panned for serving what they referred to as a 'deconstructed' coffee - three separate beakers on a wooden board holding milk, hot water and coffee.

A variant of the avolatte is also being sold in a coffee shop in Turkey, according to reports.