Journalist has the worst time reporting from a rollercoaster

funny stuff 30/05/2017

Video has captured the moment a reporter lost control of himself in complete terror during a new Guardians of the Galaxy theme park ride.

Cory James of US news service ABC30 had his reaction broadcast live from the Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout at Disney's California Adventure.

His calm explanation of what the ride was like is interrupted with a blood-curdling scream as the elevator-style ride kicks into action.

"It was like an out-of-the-body experience," James later said of the experience.

"I thought that I would get on, we would be lifted up and I would be talking all the way up and then would be able to talk while we were dropping. I didn't know it would be going that fast. Once I felt it and my stomach collapsed, I just kind of lost my mind - as you saw."

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout opened on May 27 and replaced the Tower of Terror.