Kiwi gets invite to Queen's exclusive party with NZ loophole

omg 26/05/2017

Kiwis, grab your passports!

An everyday Kiwi by the name of Greg Agnew managed to get an invite into the Queen's exclusive annual garden party at Buckingham Palace.

But how exactly did he score an invite? Just by simply asking.

"Anyone with a New Zealand passport can simply request an invitation. I did that and they said yes. It was that simple," Greg told Business Insider.

Turns out that the now LA-based investor had discovered a strange loophole that he believes "was created in Queen Victoria's time."

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade department says: "Each year the New Zealand High Commission is allocated a limited number of invitations or tickets for New Zealand citizens to attend Royal Events in the United Kingdom."

Through a Kiwi ballot system, he and his wife were invited to join The Queen, Will, Kate, Prince Phillip, and many other diplomat and foreign leaders at Buckingham Palace.

The same loophole also applies for countries like Australia, but if you own a British passport, the lengthy process requires sponsors and nominations that are much harder to obtain.

Who knew a Kiwi passport can get you through the gates of the Queen's palace!

Check out some of the amazing photos he got from inside the grounds below:

H/T Business Insider