Man sues his blind date for texting during the movie!

omg 18/05/2017

First dates can be bad - but imagine being sued after your first date with a potential partner.

One woman in the United States is facing legal action from her date after he claimed she was using her phone too much in a cinema.

He wants his NZ$25 back after what he described as the "first date from hell" while watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in a in Austin, Texas.

According to the Statesman, Brandon Vezmar, 37, said the woman he took on the date started using her phone after just 15 minutes into the film and continued to use it at least 20 times throughout the date.

Mr Vezmar said she refused to stop using her phone, so he told her to go outside to finish her conversation, which she did.

However, the woman never returned.

Mr Vezmar wants his money back, his argument is based on the "direct violation" of the theatre's policy around affecting other patrons viewing experience.

He filed his claim last week, however the unidentified woman has hit back by filing a protection order again Mr Vezmar after he contacted her younger sister trying to get his money back.