Parents get backlash after daughter posts 'break-up' vid

omg 02/05/2017

A toddler's playful rant about seeing her boyfriend with another girl in the playground has sparked huge debate online.

While many see the video as cute and innocent, others have described the video as 'diva like' and even criticised the parents.

"Been listening to mummy ranting on the phone has she, not cute in fact not a good way for a child to act..." one user wrote.

Another added that "children of this age get their social cues from their environment - parents, school, television, media etc. This behaviour is something she's picked up somewhere and if it's not from them, her parents need to pay more attention to how their child is developing."

But on the flip side of the coin, people have called the toddler 'adorable' and 'hilarious'. One person even commented saying "she's adorable and I can't stop watching it!"

What do you think, is the video cute or a reminder to be more careful how we act around children?

Source: GoodToKnow