These once popular wedding trends are going out of fashion

omg 11/05/2017

When it comes to fashion and trends, Vogue definitely knows a thing or two. They've recently revealed some of the once popular wedding trends that are fast going out of fashion...

  1. Creating your own names for drinks. No more of 'Mary's Mojitos'...
  2. Family style dinner made up of sharing plates are out of fashion, with a more simplistic and elegant style of food being in.
  3. Multi course dinners. These days people want to dance and celebrate, not sit through 10 courses of food.
  4. Vogue say its time to say goodbye to rustic and bohemian themed weddings!
  5. Plastic garlands being used as table runners.
  6. Huge bridal parties are a no no these days. Keeping it small and simple or even ditching the entire bridal party is the best way to go according to Vogue.
  7. Massive bouquets... Again, keep it small and simple - someones got to catch it after all!
  8. All white weddings... Vogue reckon it's time to throw more colour into the wedding day. This one is more for the bridal party however.
  9. Consider your comfort and wear comfy shoes with your formal attire,

Source: Vogue, 2Day