Woman 'shattered' by worst eyebrow tattoo experience

omg 12/05/2017

It's a beauty disaster you wouldn't wish on anyone.

But an Australian woman is left "completely shattered" after her attempt at getting the perfect brows went horribly wrong.

In a post that has gone viral, the woman who posted to a Facebook makeup forum shared three photos...

The eyebrows she had wanted:

The eyebrows she had:

And now the eyebrows she was tattooed with:

The result was very far from what she desired. Instead of looking natural, the result was permanently-inked vertical-looking hairs, that resemble a fern leaf more than a feathery eyebrow.

She captioned the post with, "I just got them done today. Is there any way to remove them, or do I have to get them layered off? I'm completely shattered."

Let's hope she finds a solution!