Young student's powerful poem on girlhood goes viral

we love 31/05/2017

A young girl's poem has gone viral for sharing the 12 struggles she faces every day.

With more than 20 million views, American seventh grade student Olivia delivered a slam poem as part of a class assignment, and it not only captured her class, but the internet.

Explaining the mindset of a young teenage girl, she broke down into 12 different points the issues she faces, such as body image, fitting in, and acceptance.

Her teacher explained online that he was moved to tears by her performance.

“She’s brilliant beyond words...” Brett Cornelius wrote on Facebook. “What’s even more incredible is that she worked on this for over a month, truly digging into the raw depths of teenage hood and expressing her feelings of the good, the bad, and the ugly of walking the halls of the school as a young woman. She’s humble and honest, that’s for sure. I’m proud to have met this little lady!”