Cafe causes outrage after selling spoonfuls of Nutella for $5

omg 19/06/2017

A pop up cafe in Melbourne has received strong backlash after it started selling spoonfuls of Nutella for $5.

The cafe has also started selling spoonfuls of other treats such as banoffee pie, peanut butter and jam and salted caramel - but it's the Nutella that really has people fired up online...

'This isn't cool. This is the biggest spoonful of **** I've ever seen. $5. **** me!" one user commented.

'People in this city are literally surviving on a few dollars a day and some bright spark thought this would be a good way to generate some income. Greedy bastards,' added another.

Another questioned why the cafe had even bothered. 'This is a joke. Why open a pop up that will get more people laughing at you than buying off you?' 

But not everyone was down on the idea, some people even seemed quite excited by the idea!

'These look delicious! Do customers get to keep spoons as part of the whole experience?' 

Would you pay $5 for a spoonful of Nutella?