Heartbroken best man hilariously gatecrashes friends wedding pics

funny stuff 26/06/2017

You'll do anything for your friends. You'll pick them up when they need a lift. You'll shout them a coffee. You'll even do their laundry (minus the smelly sock and flick us a $20 if you're lucky).

The only problem with that is when your mate finds a missus who can do all the same jobs as you, but better!

Mitch is the best friend of Kody, who’s just married Brittney.

Mitch might be a little cut up at Brittney.

Photo credit: Picture: Lindsey Berger at Country Roads

Instead of objecting at the wedding, Mitch decided he'd be more civil and shared his pain with the world by brilliantly gatecrashing his mate’s wedding photos.

The photographer posted the photos on Facebook, where they’ve been shared more than 142,000 times.

Unfortunately, Mitch, it's too late for you. Maybe Brittney will let you come around to watch sport every now and then.