New study reveals the male body type women find the most attractive

omg 28/06/2017

A recent study by Women’s Health has discovered the body type that women find most attractive in men. To the surprise of many, the 'Dad Bod' came out on top! The Dad Bod is a term used to describe a male physique that has around 10kg extra hanging around. The study found that 7/10 women were more attracted to the Dad Bod than they were chiseled abs.

“Our survey results show the majority of people think positively about dad bods, and men who identify as having them are proud of who they are,” the researcher said. “That’s exactly how we want all of our members to feel when they come to Planet Fitness.”

For the most part, women found that men with Dad Bods were far more comfortable in their own skin which was part of the reason for them being more attractive.

80% of the survey respondants described the Dad Bod as the 'new six-pack'.

Source: Hello Giggles