Parents fear 'toothpick crossbows' may become the new Fidget Spinners

omg 23/06/2017

Parents in China are calling on the government to ban a 'toothpick crossbow' toy that's proving popular with children across the country.

The tiny crossbow is designed to shoot out toothpicks, but parents fear the toothpick could be replaced by a needle and cause serious injuries.

It is available online and is quickly selling out in Chinese toy shops according to the Shanghai Daily. They sell from $2 to $20.

Parents fear the toothpick is dangerous if it hits someone in the eye. A toothpick fired from the crossbow can pop a balloon and punch through cardboard, while a metal needle could break glass.

It has already been banned in some cities including Chengdu after police feared that it could become a dangerous weapon.

It comes as many schools across the world are banning the fidget spinner, because it's distracting students in class.