Relationship expert reveals the one word that will defuse any argument

omg 06/06/2017

Relationships always have ups and downs, but a relationship expert has revealed the one word that is proven to help defuse an argument the fastest.

'Sorry' may seem like a good guess, but the expert says that the secret to stopping any relationship spat is in the word 'ouch'. He claims that this word signals that your partner has really hit a nerve and acts as a reminder to your partner that they are in 'attack mode' which helps to pull everyone back down to a more normal mind frame.

The expert also suggestions to avoid the word 'never' as it can be “powerfully toxic”. He suggests using the word can be dangerous for its absoluteness and often makes the person who the word is pointed at less willing to make changes in their life.

Moaning and playing the victim are also big no-nos in relationship fights.

Source: Independent