Aussie man successfully sends single can of beer through checked in luggage

funny stuff 12/07/2017

A man now being touted as an 'Aussie legend' checked in a sole can of his loved lager as luggage while boarding a cross-country flight to Perth.

Checking in his precious vessel at Melbourne airport at the weekend, the man, named only as Dean, was delighted his lone can of beer was sent through the conveyor belt for the flight.

He told the Daily Mail he was thrilled to see his trusty can of 'Emu Export' arrive at baggage claim.

Devising the plan with a friend who worked at the airport "for a laugh", he said he didn't expect the can would make it through.



But airport staff must have got a kick out of the prank, as when the tinny came through it was first in line, "So the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it".

"Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around. And there I was in my flanno and RMs to greet her. It was perfection."
Dean told UNILAD when he saw people gathered around baggage claim with their phones out, he knew the can he affectionately referred to as 'she' had arrived.

Airport employees sent pictures to Peter Ellis of travel site FlightMood, who said check-ins involving Emu Export were actually quite a common occurrence.

"Export being checked in as baggage isn't an uncommon sight - I've seen Export being flown as far as Greece - now that's dedication!"