Cheeky dog nearly ruins couple's big day after eating the wedding cake

funny stuff 31/07/2017

A greedy Labrador nearly ruined a UK couple's big day after scoffing their three-tier cake on the night before their wedding.

Two-year-old black Labrador Bella was caught red-pawed eating the cake, worth over NZ$200, mere hours before Scott Willis and Jackie Walker tied the knot.

Bridesmaid Gemma Evans drove to her sister Donna McMahon's home on the morning of the wedding to pick up the chocolate sponge cake, The Sun reports.

But McMahon had left the cake on a work surface in the kitchen overnight. They had forgotten to lock Bella's crate door - allowing her to have her cake and eat it.

"She showed me into the kitchen and we were suddenly both standing their screaming. It was literally a dog's dinner," Evans told The Sun.

"We were panic-stricken about what we would tell Jackie.

"We decided the best thing was not to tell her at all and hope we could somehow replace it in time. So we just said Liam would be bringing it to the service."

A local cake maker responded to her desperate plea on social media for help - making a new one in under three hours.

The newly-wed couple were completely unaware of what had occurred, and the new cake appeared at their wedding venue as requested.

Bella suffered no illnesses from devouring the cake, although her owners did say she was on a "massive sugar high" for hours.