Couples come up with hilarious ways to announce their pregnancy

funny stuff 06/07/2017

Pregnancy announcements use to be simple. It use to be a small surprise sprung on the family at a bbq, or you'd simply tell that one uncle with a big mouth and everyone finds out pretty quickly.

Nowadays, with the help of the internet couples are starting to get a little bit more creative and fun with their announcements, and the more people who do it, the harder couples try to one up each other.

These hilarious examples which have surfaced all over the internet in recent times show just how much effort people are putting into their announcements, and we absolutely love them!

1. The Star Wars

2. "It still works!"

3. The Lego announcement

4. The Starbucks lover

5. The non-alcoholic

6. Here comes Robin

7. The Beyonce

8. Doggy baby prep

9. "I'm Not The Father."

10. Eviction time

11. Ice, Ice, BABY!!!