Dog goes viral after rescuing and caring for 24 abandoned kittens

we love 24/07/2017

A dog named Aragon has gone viral for his heroic efforts. Aragon and his owner were out for a walk in a mountain in Greece, where they found 24 abandoned kittens. Aragon instantly took a shining to them and did everything he could to nurse the kittens back to health.

“Aragon is curious about the kittens and since the first moment he saw them, he had a constant need to keep them all together and to clean them.” his owner said.

“Basically, he was the rescuer, and he has been an excellent foster dad since day one. The kittens are ready for their forever homes.”

Aragon's owner filmed his journey, from the moment he found the kittens right through to him looking after them...

Source: MummyPages