Drinking alcohol improves your memory says new study

omg 28/07/2017

The headline is hard to believe, but according to science, it’s true!

While getting excessively drunk is associated with memory loss, you wouldn’t expect alcohol to be an aid to improve your memory.

However, the study from the University of Exeter found that people who drink alcohol after studying information more likely to be able to recall what they’ve learnt.

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The study looked at 88 people to do a word-learning task. The group of 88 was split in two, with one group of 44 people being told to drink as much alcohol as they wanted after learning the words. On average, the group drank about four units per person.

The other half of the group didn’t drink any alcohol after learning at all.

The next day, both groups came back together to repeat the same task, and surprisingly, the group who’d been drinking actually performed better than the group who hadn’t.

Does this mean a bit of alcohol will spark the brain?

The researchers are quick to make a point of saying at this potentially positive side to alcohol doesn’t cancel out all the negative side effects that come with drinking. So while a drink or two may help you remember a bit better, you can still easily forget everything after two bottles or more…

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