Emotional video shows stroke victim communicating using Adele's music

omg 07/07/2017

An emotional video has emerged online of a stroke victim unable to speak, communicating through the lyrics of an Adele song.

UK woman Toni Watson, 24, suffered a series of strokes following 16-hour open heart surgery, the Sun reports.

Ms Watson from Dundonald, Northern Ireland, was born with a genetic disorder called Turner Syndrome, which affects around one in every 2000 baby girls.

Last month, she underwent open heart surgery to replace her heart valve. The operation caused multiple strokes; leading to brain damage and severe brain swelling and left her fighting for her life.

A family member has posted a video of Ms Watson recovering in hospital, unable to speak.

But once her family played the hit track 'Rolling in the Deep' from Ms Watson's idol Adele, she started mouthing the words, much to the joy of her loved ones.

Toni's family have launched an online campaign in a bid to get Adele to send Toni a message to help her recovery.