Incredible Aussie boy becomes successful property investor at just 13 years old!

we love 24/07/2017

Akira Ellis is barely a teenager but at just 13 he's already bought his first house and is one of the youngest property investors in Australia.

He's now the proud owner of a four-bedroom house in the outer Melbourne suburb of Frankston, and he's already started renovations.

"It feels amazing and at the same time it feels unbelievable as well," he told Channel 7's Sunrise programme.

Akira got his headstart thanks to winning a Young Renovator's Scholarship, as well as a bit of help from his family - and putting in his own pocket money.

"I did a joint venture with my parents and... I have my own pocket money which I invested into the property. So I own as share in the property, as well as my sweat equity."

Renovating for Profit founder Cherie Barber was impressed by young Akira after he attended one of her seminars.

"He sat in the front row and he scribbled about 20 pages of notes and I was so impressed with him that I said, 'look I'm going to put you through one of my boot camps'," Ms Barber said.

Akira won the scholarship and there was no stopping him from there - it seems he's a born capitalist.

"What Cherie does in her workshop is she teaches you how to pick a property and then how to improve it... things like paint and polishing the floorboards - just simple things like that that will uplift the value."