Just smelling food could make you gain weight says study

omg 14/07/2017

This is the worst news ever.

Researchers at UC Berkeley say they have found a discovery that smelling food before eating it could cause weight gain.

The study published that there may be a link between smell and a person's metabolism, as the body's sense of smell was tied to its decision to store fat instead of burn it off.

The theory was tested with three groups of mice — a regular set, a set whose sense of smell was briefly disabled, and a third set of “super-smellers”. All were fed what the authors call a high-fat “Burger King diet." 

It found normal mice nearly doubled in size, and the mice that couldn't smell only gained 10 per cent more. But it was the super-smellers which gained the most weight.

So is losing your sense of smell the key to lose weight?

“People that don’t have a sense of smell can get depressed,” the lead researcher explains. “They lose all pleasure of eating.”

H/T: SFGate