Kiwi classic meal 'mince on toast' labelled as 'disgusting' by Brits

NZ 13/07/2017

Brits are reeling in disgust after the United States tried to claim that the Kiwi culinary classic, mince on toast, was one of the United Kingdom's food creations.

American food website posted a video featuring mince on toast on Twitter, saying:  "Mince meat on toast is a quintessential British comfort classic."

Sure, it's not quite pavlova - but the British then went as far as to call the meal, which has long been a Kiwi staple food, both a "monstrosity" and an "abomination".

"Never ever ever ever ever, ever ever in a month of Sundays ever ever has anyone in Britain eaten this mess," wrote musician Neil Claxton.

Mince on toast is common here both in cafes and at home using leftovers, sprinkled with cheese.