Kiwi jewellery designer creates the perfect 'Harry Potter' Golden Snitch engagement box

we love 19/07/2017

It's the perfect engagement idea for the biggest Harry Potter fan!

American military serviceman, Uriel Palma, was looking for the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend Trechsel, who happens to love all things 'Harry Potter'.

Coming across an image of an existing golden snitch ring box online, he thought the one he saw was just way too simple.

So he took it one step further, pairing up with New Zealand jeweler Asher Freeman in what could be called the best Golden Snitch ring box to ever be created. 

What he created was a beautiful necklace carrying a Sterling Silver golden snitch pendant, coated in 18ct yellow gold. Locked inside the pendant was a stunning silver engagement ring - and the key to the pendant? A tiny replica of Harry's Nimbus 2000 Broomstick.

"The Hinging and Catch mechanisms were concealed so that when shut, no one else can tell that it is actually meant to open, keeping the Engagement Ring a complete secret," Asher wrote on Bored Panda.

The necklace was presented to Uriel's girlfriend first, then a week later was the miniature Nimbus 2000 charm given to her.

"Knowing how much this has been appreciated and loved by him and her, has been the icing on the cake – ‘the socks on Dobby’s feet’ so to speak," Asher says.