Mum claims school tests are a 'massive waste of time' in honest post about her son

parenting 11/07/2017

A mum whose son (currently year 6) has failed multiple tests at school has branded exam styled tests a 'massive waste of time'. She added that her son's results didn't come as a shock as he is more “sporty and creative”. She says her son is “far from stupid” and believes the test results “will not affect him in high school or life”.

She wrote the following on the parenting forum Mumsnet: “Am I being unreasonable to think these tests are a massive waste of time & to wish the school could’ve spent year 6 teaching them instead of doing endless mock tests?”

She added, “He attends a high achieving school so is just one of a handful that ‘failed’ and I can’t help but be irritated by all the FB [Facebook] posts from other school mums chuffed to bits that their kids passed."

"His best friend is getting a hamster for passing.”

Some parents came out in support of the Mum...

"Your son did his best and that is all can be asked. He did his best when he finds learning so difficult." commented one person.

Another added that her child will “benefit from his supportive parents” and noted that the tests are “ridiculously hard”.

But not everyone was as supportive...

“He won’t have ‘failed’ but will be below age expectation.” said one user.

“If 11 is so young that these results don’t matter, is it not also too young to be impressing on him that he will never succeed academically?" questioned someone else.

Do you think too much emphasis is placed on tests like these, or is it about right at the moment?

Source: The Sun