Mum Constance Hall defends why she swears in front of her kids

omg 13/07/2017

Constance Hall’s recent post is going viral after she explained why she’s letting her young kids swear.

The Australian mum blogger tackled the topic about “swearing in front of your kids” when she recently caught her five-year-old son Arlo spewing a few curses.

“I swear, no sh*t right,” she says in her Facebook post.

“I even sometimes swear in front of my kids. I justify it to myself be saying I only ever swear for emphasis, I never swear at anyone.”

“You’ll never catch me calling someone a name or screaming ‘f*** off,‘” she explained. “It’s the ‘for f*** sakes’ when you you’ve gotten everyone in the car and are pulling out of the drive way when you smell a baby decided now was the perfect time to drop a sh*t. Or the ‘holy sh*ts!’ at the pain that an innocent babies soft little lips can shoot through your body when latching onto your nipple.”

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However, she discovered that not only has her five-year-old started swearing, so do his new friends.

“Does it bother me? Not much, meanness would bother me more,” she wrote. “I certainly don’t encourage it, have pulled him up on it and he appears to have stopped.”

“But I realised something pretty important. Arlo is reaching an age where his friends have a greater influence on him then I do, he copies them, loves them dearly and gets empowered by them.”

“That’s socialsing. And it’s beautiful,” she said. Constance added that parents have the power to teach their kids “how to recognize qualities that we respect” by pointing out when their friends do kind and positive things.

“So while it’s important to say ‘don’t swear it’s not cool’ it’s equally important to teach your kids to strive to find friends with similar moral codes to your family,” she concluded. “Because our household might be a sweary one, but it’s a bloody kind one and it’s full to the brim with love.”

Many have praised her Facebook post, including celebrity Whoopi Goldberg who spoke about it on her US talk show The View.