Mum shares simple trick she uses to stop her kids interrupting her

parenting 17/07/2017

A Mum's Facebook post has gone viral with parents, after she shared a tip on how to stop kids from constantly interrupting. She admits it's been an on going issue with her kids and often finds herself hearing the words 'mum' 30 times over until she responds. Her new trick is simple, but seems to be working...

'we have taught our children to demonstrate when they have something to share by gently laying a hand on our arm if we are speaking or listening to someone else at that moment. So they know we're aware they want to say something." She wrote online.

'We physically respond in some way such as putting our hand over their hand or gently touching their back or holding their hand.'

'Our youngest has had a very hard time with this. Her excitement is quite compelling and it is just SO. HARD. To contain her enthusiasm and words all at the same time. She just hasn't been able to find that level of control within herself.'

'Until now! The last couple of days she has suddenly been using this practice! And the shock has stopped me dead in my tracks to acknowledge it and hear what it is she needs to tell me.'

So if you've been having similar issues these school holidays, it might be a good idea to give this a try!

Source: GoodToKnow