New wedding trend has brides and bridesmaids swapping outfits

we love 06/07/2017

It may not be so easy to spot the bride! has published its list of Top Creative Wedding Trends for 2017, and between gemstone engagement rings and using matte black colours for ceremonies - a surprising new trend has seen the tables turned on dresses for brides and bridesmaids.

While we’re used to seeing brides in shades of white, brides this year are picking the colours, and leaving their bridesmaids dressed in white instead.

“The uniform backdrop of solid-white bridesmaids dresses ensures that nothing will distract from the bride’s big statement—and keeps the color palette from getting too complicated,” says Etsy’s wedding report.

Research found 11% of brides focus on finding a gown that is “unique”

And as for the prediction for 2018’s weddings? Bridesmaids in suits and jumpers!