Puffie the Chow Chow is the adorable pup going viral on Instagram

we love 05/07/2017

You look at celebrities and some of them have such fascinating lives, it's no question that we follow them on social media, but a new online celeb is taking Instagram by storm.

He's got four legs and the cutest face. Meet Puffie the Chow Chow, a dog born in China, raised in Malaysia, who has 68,000 followers on Instagram.

Isn't he just the cutest wee thing?

The little fluff ball has been very popular online, continuing a recent trend where people create social media accounts for their pets to capture every amazing moment they share with them.

Most animal videos and photos you're likely to see on Facebook these days all come from personal pet accounts like Puffie's.

But seriously, how do you not look at his photos and not fall in love with him!

Look at this face!