There's a Harry Potter restaurant coming and we're freaking out

omg 07/07/2017

Ever since Harry Potter first graced us with his presence in the popular JK.Rowling series two decades ago, the world has been hooked.

Our wildest imaginations have made us dream of the day an owl would drop off our very own letter of acceptance so that we could go to Hogwarts and become a witch or wizard.

Now that we've all come to the upsetting realisation that we're all just muggles, it's great to hear that London will play host to the best fine dining a witch or wizard can ask for at the new Harry Potter restaurant!

Yes, HP is getting his own dinner series at the Library in London, and it’s everything your Great Hall-loving heart could have ever dreamed of.

Library have organised a decadent Potter-themed 7 course meal for fans to enjoy, full of Butterbeer, Devil's Snare, Honeydukes and plenty more to fill your belly.

The the restaurant is only going to be available on Friday's and Saturday's during August and September, but fans have been quick to notice one key date which aligns with the wizarding world.

September 1st, 2017 is a Friday that will hold one of the dinners — aka the exact day the “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue takes place in the Harry Potter books!!!

That's probably going to be a pretty popular night for fans, but how amazing would it be if the restaurant idea came to NZ!