These are the exact times you need to go to bed to wake up feeling refreshed

we love 19/07/2017

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for both your body and your mind, but what can we do to maximise out shut eyed time?

A website called Sleep Calculator has given insight into the best times to go to sleep based on when you plan on waking up. The site takes into account the time it takes to get to sleep, as well as sleep cycles which average 90 minutes...

What time is best for me to go to sleep?

Need to wake up at 6am? try to get to bed by either 8:46pm, 10:16pm, 11:46pm or 1:16am.

If you tend to wake up at 7am, the best to hit the hay is 9:46pm, 11:16pm, 12:46am or 2:16 am.

But if you get a bit more of a sleep in and wake up at 8am, then these times are best for you, 10:46pm, 12:16am, 1:46am or 3:16am.

If your sleeping pattern is different to the ones above, you can work out the times for yourself at

Source: The Lad Bible