You can now get a job looking after people's pets at weddings

we love 19/07/2017

Could this be the best job in the world? It's certainly close to it!

A business called 'Pawfect For You' (a business dedicated to looking after pets on wedding days), has seen huge success over in the states.

Veronica, the owner of the business, said she came up with the concept on her own wedding day. They wanted their dogs to be there, but didn't want anyone to have to spend their day looking after them.

Speaking about her business, she said that ‘nowadays, couples get a pet or multiple pets before they get married, some even get pets before they’re engaged – and that pet is more than just a pet, it’s their baby’

‘So when the wedding day comes around (or engagement/proposal – we help with those too!), its a must the pets be included in at least some pictures, and possibly the ceremony.’

Pawfect For You provides transport, bathing, pet-sitting and an overnight stay for the pets, currently they only operate in the US.

‘One of my all-time favorite memories,’ she says, ‘[was when] a client started to tear up while she was on the phone with me – she told me she was getting emotional because she didn’t think it was possible to have her dog at her wedding.

‘That really warmed my heart!

‘It makes me feel good that we can do this for couples.’

Maybe we'll see similar ventures popping up across New Zealand soon!