3/4 Women believe that chivalry in romance is dead

omg 08/08/2017

A recent study from Match.com has found that 73% of women think that chivalry in romance is dead.

The study which surveyed just over 500 people, simply described chivalry as the act of doing some simple out of courtesy for your partner. Things like holding open doors, sheltering their partner from the rain and even checking in with a simple txt were all things that women felt their romantic partners were lacking in the modern dating world.

Types of chivalry women actually like

  1. Calls when he says he will (84%)
  2. Making sure you get home safely (83%)
  3. Not cancelling date plans last minute (82%)
  4. Sending you a quick text throughout the day (80%)
  5. Turning his phone off at the dinner table when on a date (78%)
  6. Wanting to meet your friends and family (77%)
  7. Letting you use his phone when his battery runs out (76%)
  8. Picking you up for a date instead of meeting you at the location (73%)
  9. Knowing how you take your tea and coffee (72%)
  10. Not calling you past midnight unless it’s for a chat – not a booty call (69%)

Source: Metro