Auckland's Rainbows End to close the iconic Pirate Ship

NZ 09/08/2017

Rainbow's End's popular pirate ship is walking the plank.

The Auckland theme park has announced the ride will swing for the last time later this month after 34 years sailing the pirate infested high seas of the Manukau amusement park.

In a statement, Rainbow's End's Marketing manager shared the sadness of many of the ride's fans.

"The Pirate Ship holds fond memories for many New Zealanders. It's been a ride that parents have brought their children back to experience years later so there is a lot of nostalgia associated with it."

Rainbow's End say they need the space to invest in new and more exciting rides.  The park has enjoyed a 62% increase in attendance since 2009.

A special pirate day will be held on Saturday 19 August to farewell the ship, with prizes for the best dressed.