Dad comes up with genius way to stop his kids from disrupting his TV time

funny stuff 23/08/2017

A dad sick and tired of having to share the TV with his his kids has come up with a genius way to keep them both entertained and off the TV!

"I wasn’t getting a look-in on the telly, I never do, they were both on the Xbox playing Minecraft." he said.

"I wanted to watch Sky Sports and catch-up on the football I’d missed while I was out at work."

"I said to them both “do you want to earn some money?"

"That normally gets their attention. The rules were that they weren’t allowed to touch each of their notes with anything other than their nose."

"They couldn’t wait to give it a go. They were holding the notes up in the kitchen in a spot where I could see them from the lounge."

"I had one eye on the TV and the other on them – I’m living proof blokes can multi-task."

While this dad used the game so he could watch sport, you could easily do something similar for the next time you need a bit of down time!

Source: Metro