Diaper company changes their emotional ad following public backlash

omg 24/08/2017

British diapers company Pampers only intended to make a television advert that would pull at your heartstrings, but the advert has been receiving stronger emotions than expected.

The advert, advertising diapers for premature babies, was initially praised for its real and raw portrayal of struggling premmie babies as they make their way out of the neonatal ward. 

And while many families who had premature babies were supportive of the ad, some others didn't find it as heartwarming.

One couple, Adele and Conor Costello, who lost their premature baby, told The Sun:

“Being forced to go back to the point in your life is indescribably distressing. We are still grieving. I shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going to come up on my TV.”

“The song is the worst part for me. It’s insensitive and disregards the feelings of the many parents that will not bring their babies home. Pampers clearly wanted to convey a tone of positivity about premature babies getting better and being able to go home. But I’m sorry – there’s another side to it. There are a lot of babies that don’t come home.”

A spokesperson for Pampers UK responded to this comments by saying:

“We’re really sorry that our advert caused distress to this couple; this was never our intention. The ‘Little Fighters’ TV ad was designed to let all parents of premature babies know that these nappies are now available and aims to raise awareness of the daily struggle of these babies. The families and nurses involved in the film have been very much a part of the creative process.”

“While the response to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive, we do understand that for some families it may be difficult to watch and are already in the process of making edits to the copy, including the removal of the “Coming Home” lyrics and highlighting the partnership with Bliss where families can find further support and guidance.”

Watch the original ad above.