Disapproving mum criticised after urging friends to change their baby's name

parenting 18/08/2017

A mum has been criticised after suggesting she wants to intervene and try to get her friends to change the name of their baby.

The anonymous mum's friends plan on naming their new baby 'Tinkerbell' - but this woman is set on changing their mind!

"I feel so sorry for the poor kid." the woman wrote on Mumsnet.

"She's going to go through torture at school. Not to mention the rest of her life. Imagine a high court judge called Tinkerbell."

The response to her post was mixed, "It's none of you business, she is not your daughter." bluntly stated one person.

"I know someone called Tinkerbell. She gets called Tink which is quite cool actually." added another.

Others were a bit more understanding of the mum's point of view, "That poor child, I think some parents just don't think long term when naming."

"Why didn't they give the child a normal name and just call it Tinkerbell as some weird nickname?" they suggested.

Do you think it was fair for the mum to express her concern?

Source: The Sun