Fiancé shares the 10 secrets grooms won't tell their brides

omg 15/08/2017

In the lead up to the big day, brides are synonymous with becoming 'bridezillas', while grooms are more often quiet in the background, agreeing with the decisions.

But one groom-to-be shared the top ten secrets he's been hiding from his bride, or at least the secrets he'll be hiding until after the wedding is over...

The Top 10 Secrets Grooms Hide From Their Brides:

1) He wants to register for one item on his own, even if he never uses it.

2) He cares about the music so much, he'll pay the DJ a bonus to not play "Celebration."

3) He has inexplicably developed a sixth sense: When the phone rings, he knows it's your mom. He'll start answering the phone again after the wedding.

4) He worries he won't look half as good in his tux as the little man on the cake does.

5) He liked taking dance lessons but wishes they'd included the funky chicken.

6) He will be nervous about his hair and may reach for the mousse. Don't let him.

7) He wants you to take his name, no matter what he says. Unless your name is Springsteen, in which case he'll take yours.

8) He never wants to know which friend gave which gift at your lingerie shower.

9) He doesn't want to write his own vows. He really likes the ones in the book.

10) He's as excited about the wedding as you are. Seriously.

Source: Brides Magazine