NZ cafe charges men more to show gender inequality

NZ 15/08/2017

A Nelson café is doing its part to promote gender pay equality by charging its male customers more. 

This week at Pomeroy's Coffee and Tea, customers are being asked to pay the sisters the same as the misters.

The tax on men is being levied as part of the Equal Pay Week of Action.

Owner of the café, Hayden Thompson, said they were trying to get men to acknowledge that women do the same work but get paid less.

"It's been well worth the risk- and if you need to be a bit risky to raise awareness then why not?"

Men had been gladly paying the extra 50 cents, which equates to 12 percent more, for their coffee or tea, he said.

This sum reflects the 12 percent difference between pay for men and women.

The gesture follows a Melbourne café which charges male customers 18 percent more for one week every month to reflect the pay gap in Australia.

Pay Equity Nelson spokeswoman Pip Jamieson said it was time that they recognised the value women bring into the workforce and economy.

"If it's a female dominated sector it does not mean it's an undervalued sector and women deserve equal pay with the men they work with."

Café punter Darryl Goad said there was a lot of inequality in New Zealand in a lot of different areas and this was just one of them.

"So if we're kind of addressing inequality in any way, shape or form that's super important for New Zealand." 

Another man, Tony Vousden, said he didn't mind at all.

"I think it's a good cause; anything to help out pay equity for women."

At the end of the week, the men's extra contributions will be given to a yet-to-be-nominated woman in the community.