Study confirms that mums work the equivalent of 2 full time jobs

omg 22/08/2017

A recent study has confirmed what many of us knew all along… Mums work a heck of a lot!

Welch’s recently did a study of over 2000 mums with children aged between 5 and 12 and their results showed that most  working mums effectively double their work load compared to singles or people without kids. The average mum will work a 98 hour work week by the time she does her day job, run around after the kids and sort all of the other bits that go with organising a household.

Most mums tend to start their day at 6.30 and finish up all of their jobs by 8.30pm, leaving them with 1 hour of down time before bed.

So taking that all into account, it’s pretty clear that mums are superheroes and pretty much work 2 full time jobs every single day!

Source: Working Mother