There's a scientific reason why it's so hard to type with someone standing behind you

life 25/08/2017

It's a feeling we've all felt at some point, that angst that runs through you as someone stands over you while you type something on your computer... Well it turns out there's an interesting reason for that feeling of dread!

Researchers have looked into the psychological reasons for this and it's all to do with being made to feel like a child.

"If you were to pause and ask someone how old they felt while they were being watched typing they would probably tell you that they felt a lot younger than their real age – probably somewhere around 8 to 10 years old." the researchers said.

"It’s easy to fix this issue though. When someone comes up to your desk to talk to you, try standing up so that you’re on the same level. If you have to use the computer while they’re standing there, invite them to come and sit down next to you. By putting you both on the same level, you stop that sense of authority which will make you feel less intimidated."

While their solution may be hard for some to implement into every day life, it does give some food for thought!

Source: Metro