After 3 miscarriages, this couple surprise their family with amazing news

we love 05/09/2017

A video of a couple's gender reveal has gone viral on the Love What Matters Facebook page. The video, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times sees the couple share some very exciting news with their family and friends.

The couple have been quite open in the past with their expreiences of dealing with 3 miscarriages.

"We were first pregnant 5 years ago and miscarried towards the end of the first trimester. Within a few months we were pregnant with our son, Bennett, who will be 4 this fall. A few months after Bennett turned 1, we miscarried for the second time, and then for the 3rd time about 4 months after that. At that point we weren't able to even get pregnant for over a year." the couple wrote.

But now the couple are pregnant again - and they have some very special news to share... They're expecting twins!

Watch the couple share their exciting news to family and friends in the video above.