Café outrages parents for banning children under 12

omg 28/09/2017

Parents are furious that a “pompous” café bar has turned them away from their business because they had their young children with them.

Dozens of customers have complained online about British café ’15 On The Corner’ for enforcing a “short sighted and discriminatory” policy.

“I would love to say that the food and service was amazing here. However when you are turned away at the door (and it was chucking it down as well) for having a sleeping baby (with no signs stating this), it’s difficult to comment,” said one review on Trip Advisor.

“My wife and I have never been so mortified....I bet they are the kind of cafe that judge you for breastfeeding as well.”

Another reviewer wrote that her 10-year-old daughter who had a “sensitive soul” was mortified and embarrassed when she was asked to leave, thinking she had done something wrong.

“She didn’t want to go into another cafe for fear that she wouldn’t be allowed in. This cafe made my daughter feel small and worthless, and I’m truly shocked that it is legal to treat a section of society like this,” wrote her mum.

However, other patrons have embraced the lack of children and giving five star reviews over the “peace and quiet.”

“Good coffee good atmosphere and a welcome change not to have kids screaming and running around. Plenty of places to take children and how WONDERFUL to find an adult friendly venue! Thank you!”

Local media have approached the café about the ban, whose workers confirmed it was a policy of theirs, but wouldn’t further explain the reasoning why.