Family’s fun photo shoot takes a painful twist

funny stuff 27/09/2017

They do say never to work with children or animals. And it seemed to be the case when a family photo shoot got an unexpected result…

Irish TV personality Donal Skehan recently had a family holiday in San Francisco with his wife, dog and parents. And while they were taking a tour around San Fran’s famous painted ladies, they decided to take a fun family jumping shot.

However, Max the dog, who loves Donal very much, got so excited during the photo shoot that the family jumping shot turned into quite a ‘crotch shot’ instead… ‘

“One of those perfect moments where the camera and timing works out just right!!! Puts a whole new meaning on "crotch shot"! Does anyone have any ice?” Donal wrote on his Instagram.

Thankfully, there wasn’t too much anger or pain between Donal’s dad and Max the dog, as Donal followed up the next day with a new loving photo of the two.

“Thanks for all the concern on the last photo after #crotchgate- I can safely report that Max and Dad are still best of pals- my dad would like it pointed out that he was wearing low crotched shorts and that Max has a very gummy bite and that the family jewels are all still in tact!”

“The Christmas cards are gonna look great this year- Family photo gold!”