Most mums too tired to get intimate with their partners says study

life 25/09/2017

A new study has confirmed what many mums will already know, a large number of mums do not have a desire to get intimate with their partner due to being so tired.

The study, which looked into the lives of over 10,000 people, found that only 15% of men didn't want to get intimate with their partners more than once every 3 months compared to 34% of women.

"This may be due to fatigue associated with a primary caring role," the researchers said.

"The fact that daily stress appears to affect sexual functioning in women more than men or possibly a shift in focus of attention attendant on bringing up small children," 

"For women in particular, the experience of sexual interest appears strongly linked with their perceptions of the quality of their relationships, their communication with partners and the expectations/attitudes about sex," the study found.

While this researcher may not be news to some, it might als be helpful in trying to get your partner to help out a bit more if possible.

Source: Essential Kids