Mum threatens to invoice her daughter's "no show" friends

parenting 11/09/2017

An angry mum has admitted she is considering invoicing the parents of her daughter's friends after some of them decided not to attend her 16th birthday party. He issue comes after she had already bought an amount of food and book activities.

"My Daughter is 16. Her party is tomorrow… First one for 5 years. I have saved forever to do a fun and unusual activity for her ‘friendship group’." she wrote on Mumsnet.

"TONIGHT 3 people have told daughter they are not coming. Two have yet to say yes or no. Out of 12 (including daughter). Minimum for activity is 10."

"When, just when, did people become so rude and unfeeling never mind unconscious of wasting money?"

People were quick to jump in with their views, one person urged the mum to leave the parents out of it and sort it with the teens. "I think at 16, it's pretty much up to the teenagers to sort out there social lives." one wrote.

"If comms were via the parents, VERY bad form, unless the children are ill or there is some truly unavoidable problem. If it was via kids with later involvement of parents, more understandable." added another.

Who do you think the mother should contact to air her issues, and is it fair for her to send an invoice?

Source: The Sun