New Zealand set for a heatwave from this weekend

NZ 21/09/2017

An Australian heatwave is on its way to New Zealand, set to bring hot nights to the North Island.

The heatwave is forecast to hit New South Waves with scorching temperatures this weekend, with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning the heat could peak at 40degC.

"If we do get to 40degC, it will be the first time that NSW has seen a 40 degree temperature in September," BoM duty forecaster Mohammed Nabi told the ABC.

"Those temperatures are well above the September averages. We're talking in excess of 10 degrees above the average maximum for many parts of the state."

Bushfires are an increased threat. The NSW Rural Fire Service is expected to place total fire bans in some areas as the heat kicks in.

And the heat wave is heading our way with rising temperatures on Sunday and Monday.

"Some of that air is going to come across," a MetService spokesperson says.

"It's been an unsettling winter into spring and carrying on this is a mobile situation.

"There's kinds of bursts of warmer air coming from Australia."

Unfortunately, the heat is expected to arrive at night, making for restless sleep.

Day temperatures could reach into the mid-20s around eastern areas of the North Island.

"Hawke's Bay will also see around 24 degrees," MetService says.